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Business Setup in Fujairah Mainland

Arranged at the east coastline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Fujairah is one of the seven Emirates of the country. Fujairah is known for cargo ships coming in because of its area. The fundamental money-related drives of Fujairah are the movement of business, improvement, and gathering materials for designs. Its fundamental region is altogether used in conveyance organizations, permitting monetary patrons from Arabian Gulf ports, the Red Sea, Iran, etc. Reliably, there are mainline organizations that are from Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, etc.

Fujairah has developed hugely all through the drawn-out under the rules and heading of Sheik Hamed Bin Mohammed Al Shariq. who is the head of Fujairah? The system is furthermore seen as having its incessant upgrades too to work with the monetary supporters. Furthermore, future ones will set up a business in Fujairah. One of the business game plans done is Fujairah general trading among various others.

The enrollment of new associations in Fujairah occurs in their locale. As opposed to various Emirates. Because the Fujairah Department of Economic Development is non-existent right now. Regardless of the way that that is what is happening, laying out a business doesn't mean it's all the more difficult to do. Fujairah Economic Department helps with this present circumstance. In any case, the frameworks would be more tolerable when wrapped up by someone who is an expert at it.

Business experts can empower you on the most capable technique to get a Fujairah district trade license and are. Similarly around to help you with truly getting a Fujairah trade grant. So you would have compelling reason need to go through the procedures in general. They will be people who will go through all the taking care of. For instance, going to Fujairah allows division. Also, even to the Chamber of Commerce Fujairah. Other than discussing your field-tried techniques and what course you think. Your affiliation should go, a business master knows the absolute best stockroom in Fujairah is that can suit your prerequisites. Right when you have items to store or machines you need to use.

It might be a problematic trip to face, so it is fitting to enroll someone to help you. These counselors can assist you with being more prepared as you take on this undertaking.

Suitable for Industries
Benefits / Advantages

Following Industries You Can Setup In Fujairah Mainland

We covers all the following industries, even if your industry not in list you can consult with us we can help you setup.

Not Sure? Let’s help you
Accounting & Auditing Firm
Educational Institution
Law Firm
Oil & Gas
Agriculture & Fishing
Events Organizing
Real Estate
Cargo & Freight-forwarding
Financial Institution
Media & Entertainment
Technical Services
Construction / Contracting
General Trading
Money Exchange
Tourism & Hospitality
Health Care

Benefits Of Setting Up Business In Fujairah Mainland

Currency restrictions do not exist

As with other mainlands, currency restrictions do not apply in Fujairah mainland.

No mandatory yearly auditing

Business setup in Fujairah will give you a benefit of not having a mandatory audit every year. Although the audit is an advantage for your company. You wouldn’t need to scramble around to prepare to be audited by a third-party company.

Rent office anywhere

When you choose Fujairah Mainland, you can select the location that you want your business to be in. You can put a lot of thought into this with regard to your strategy on where your company will suit best.

Conduct business with local market. Your company can gain some benefits in having the opportunity to do business with the local market of Fujairah. This is for the companies that cater to markets.

No limit on activities

In some parts of the UAE, business activities are limited. In Fujairah mainland, you can have a long list of business activities to choose from for your Fujairah company formation.

Zero capital requirement

Business setup in Fujairah is affordable in a sense that. You are not required to prepare money before setting up your business.


Companies in Fujairah do not need to pay the government corporate and income taxes. Aside from the value-added tax (VAT) that has been recently implemented, the country is still considered as free of tax.

No limit on visas

Fujairah mainland does not limit a company with regard to how many visas is can avail. Businessmen can get as many visas as they want for their employees as they expand.

Business Setup Requirements & Procedure :

Requirements for Company Registration in Fujairah For individual shareholders:

  • Copy of national identification (ID) card of UAE national partner.
  • Passport copies of expatriate shareholders/directors and managers – should include visa with entry stamp.
  • If shareholders or managers have UAE employment visas, they’re required to submit no objection certificates (NOCs) from employers.

For corporate shareholders:

  • List of shareholders (must be in English and Arabic).
  • Exact copies of Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, and Certificate of Incorporation legalized from UAE embassy.
  • Original copy of Board Resolution for company incorporation with notarized and legalized Power of Attorney from UAE embassy.

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