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VAT Deregistration

Generally, the end or withdrawal of VAT selection is called VAT Deregistration. As per the law portrayed under the rules of FTA, the following capability is ought to apply for VAT Deregistration in UAE.

1. Mandatory VAT Deregistration

A Registrant will apply to the Authority for Tax Deregistration in any of the going with cases:

  • Expecting he stops making Taxable Supplies.
  • If the value of the Taxable Supplies made throughout (12) progressive months isn't the very Voluntary Registration Threshold (for instance AED 187,500) and he expects that he will not show up at the stubborn enlistment limit in the next 30 days.

2. Voluntary VAT Deregistration

A Registrant could apply to the Authority for Tax Deregistration if:-

  • If the value of his Taxable Supplies during the past year was not the very Mandatory Registration Threshold (for instance AED 375,000) and
  • 12 timetable months have passed since the substance was selected with FTA under persistent enrollment.


Deregistration applications can be made through FTA Online Portal. After login in, through VAT deregistration structure UAE you can give the nuances close by the assistance behind the VAT deregistration. Several information will eventually be populated into a structure from the past selection data.

The decision of FTA to embrace the application for deregistration of VAT depends on the offered reason as well as the opportunity of all:

a. Outstanding liability

b. Returns being filed

c. Any Administrative Penalties


The penalty for failing to apply for a VAT deregistration with specific timeline i.e. within 20 business days, is AED. 10,000.

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